Be a Beauty Boss

From starting my makeup collection to becoming a freelance makeup artist 

By Trishani Pillay.  Nov 22, 2016.

My liking for makeup or shall I say obsession has started from the age of three years old, when I used to wake up early every morning just to see my mother apply her makeup. Like every other three year old girl, who would probably smash their mother’s lipstick or damage her eye shadow palette I was the total opposite. I would just stand there looking at all the different kinds of makeup, the tools the shades and textures in amazement waiting for my mother to apply some on for me.

And as the years went on I started applying makeup on myself from creating a dramatic eye to a dark lip before even entering high school. I used to get a lot of criticism from people around me for being a little girl and using makeup but that never stopped me because I believed that what you like and see for yourself not many people around you might understand. Having that said my collection started from the first year of high school to this very day.

My obsession has grown over the years and during my spare time I began watching a lot makeup tutorials to broaden mg knowledge and techniques. I watched a lot of the famous, Huda Kattan. She has become my makeup artist inspiration. After watching many of her videos the one that motivated me the most was her journey into becoming one of the best makeup artists.

Even though being a full time student can be very challenging, I have been planning for months on whether I should go on with my venture or not, eventually I decided I would go for it. My venture is none other than becoming a freelance makeup artist.

I have done makeup for many of my friends and family, who continue to motivate and support me on my new venture. I have already created my Facebook page and Instagram page, both named Makeupbytrishani. The links will be provided below.

Marketing my venture is not as difficult as expected because I completed my  second year of my Bcom Marketing degree. My goal for this venture would be to provide a service of applying makeup that would start small and then expanding it, to help others see and feel the beauty within them through makeup.

As my venture unfolds of being a freelance artist I would end this post by saying stick with me and together we shall explore the beautiful, exhilarating, insightful and powerful world of makeup as we strive to enhance our inner and outer beauty.

Instagram: @makeupbytrishani. Facebook:

Until next time




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