All you need to know about makeup brushes

by Trishani Pillay, Apr 17, 2017


Makeup tools although they can be intimidating but are essential even if you’re not a makeup artist. There are different brands of brushes, sizes , shapes and types.

If you’re confused and unsure of what brushes to use. Fear not, I am here to run you down with all you need to know.

Let’s get straight to it. There are about 14 types of brushes to be exact. These are:

1. Foundation brush: The function of a foundation brush is to facilitate the smooth application of your foundation. It is important to use the correct brush as your foundation can end up looming cakey and washed over.

download (29).jpg

2. Concealer: This brush is perfect for spot correction, even out concealer, whilst making that product look as natural as possible. The tip with this brush is to dap the product and not  blend it out.

download (30).jpg

3. Stippling: Helps the foundation as this brush gives an airbrushed look. The tip/ end of this brush are light and the base gives an airbrushed look.

images (51).jpg

4. Angled blush brush:  This brush is best for precise application of blush. The angle allows to pick up the product and creates a natural look on your cheeks when placed on the cheekbones.

images (52).jpg

5.  Powder brush: The purpose of this brush is to dust lose or compact powder on your face. The ideal brush would help to set by avoiding the moving of product.

images (54).jpg

6. Angled brush: This brush can be used for either filling your eyebrows or using eyeliner. The angle structure helps to fill cream or powder onto your eyebrows and allows you to shape it whatever shape you’d like. it can also be used to create the winged eyeliner look.

images (55)

7. Contour brush: Used to create a perfect contour. This brush in particular has a much firmer bristles and has a more angles tip. This special design helps to target areas you’d want to contour.

images (56).jpg

8. Fan brush: The structure of this brush is specially designed with its bristles spread out and as a result the desired amount of product would be picked up and dusted onto your skin in desired areas.

images (53).jpg

9. Blending brush: By far one of the most needed brushes. The purpose of this brush is to soften out any harsh lines after application of a product.

images (58).jpg

10. Eyeliner brush: To get the perfect winged eyeliner you would see in tutorials on Instagram, you would need an eyeliner brush to create a precise sharp wing.

images (5)

11.  Eye shadow brush: This brush helps apply eye shadow perfectly whether its a cream or a powder. This brush allows you to pick up a decent amount of product and pack it on your eyelid with a minimal fall out.

download (31)

12. Bronzer brush:  Rounded end distributes the product evenly. It helps create a natural, sun-kissed look.

images (59).jpg

13. Lip brush:  Helps with the precision and perfect lining of lips.

images (60).jpg

14. Spolie:  A mascara wand/ brush is used to apply production your lashes for  more longer and darker lashes and a spolie maybe used after applying a few coats of mascara to make your lashes look finer and fuller.

download (32).jpg


I hope that after reading this blog post you have a broader knowledge on makeup brushes and find that identifying them will be much easier.

Until next time.



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