Glam it up with Glam Glow

by Trishani Pillay, Apr 17, 2017

Hello my loves, Many of you would have seen the famous Californian beauty products called Glam Glow used by some of the best bloggers such as Farah Dhukai (@farahdhukai) and Kaushal (@kaushalbeauty).

Never would I have thought I would be able to find it in South Africa and to my discovery whilst on my vacation to Cape Town, I saw a counter at a Woolworths store in the V&A mall.

Now, about the products itself: there are six (6) different facial masks to choose from.

  •  The Clearing: A white covering. This product is particularly for problem skin, skin imperfections, pore refining, mattifying and clarifying. 

download (27)

  • Youthful: Ideal for anti-aging, fine lines, smoothing, refining and glowing.
  1. download (28)
  • Forming: Perfect for firming, lifting, tightening, toning and sexy contours.

images (50)

  • Hydrating: This one in particular hydrates, restores, adds moisture, replenishes, and clams the skin.

images (46).jpg

  • Brightening: Brightens the skin, restores radiance, luminous, even tone, and corrects.

images (48)

  • Detox: This is perfect for cleansing, nourishing, detoxing, purifying and renewing the skin.

images (45)

These amazing products can be found in the following retailing stores: Foshini, Red Square, Edgars, Truworths, and Woolworths.

The pros and cons of Glam Glow:


  1. There’s a wide range of six(6) different product types for all skin types.
  2. There are smaller samples of purchase for testing.
  3. Each product type contains different nutrious leaves that are filled with ingredients that are perfect for your skin.

Cons :

  1.  These lovely products are quite pricey.
  2. Other brands offer products that are quite similar but are just as effective at a relatively lower price.

Like any ordinary mask, you may apply it to your face for 2/3 times a week. Avoiding the eye, nose and mouth area.

I would add a person touch by saying my favourite products of this range would be  the Clearing, Hydrating, Brightening and Detoxing because being a makeup artist, I’m required to be constantly applying makeup on which causes breakouts, drying of my skin and increasing impurities. Hydrating  and brightening your skin is a must to keep is looking fresh and healthy and not dry and flaky. Detoxing is a must for me, which helps to clear my skin by removing impurites and unclogging pores.

Let me know wbat your thoughts on these products are.

Until next time.



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