Makeup Musts

By Trishani Pillay, Apr 20, 2017 

Topic of discussion for this post is #Askbeautyquestions. Over the past few months over many of my social network accounts, I was messaged by several people both male and female, who had asked for answers, tips and techniques relating to beauty.

That when I decided to place all these questions into one post. Let’s get straight into it.

1. What makeup tool should every girl own? 

A blending sponge, this could be of any shape or size.

2. Bold lip or a winged liner? 

I don’t think there would be a correct answer because I’m a lover of both and sometimes I wear them at once.

3. Favourite makeup trend?

Natural, no makeup look – a nude lip and warm tone eyes.

4. Most used product? 

This would be L.A Girl Pro Concealer, their range is a must.

5. Most underrated product?

Facial oils. This could be coconut oil which is a multipurpose oil. Its great for hair growth, as a moisturiser, and many health benefits. Tea tree oil, which us perfect for lightening marks, dark circles etc.

6. Must have mascara?

Avon Mark, relatively new product, R120 and the second would be the Revlon Ultimate All in one, R170.

7. Makeup brush I’d never function without?

A blending brush, which can be used for your eyes, highlighting, contouring etc.

8. Views on matte products?

Firstly, I’m a lover of matte products from a matte lip to an eye shadow but when it comes to foundation I choose an oil control light weight formula as I like some shine on the skin but if it gets a bit too mmuch I touch up with a pressed powder.

9. Contour or a highlight?

Initially, I loved contouring but was a bit much for a daily use but nowadays I’m all about highlighting.

10. How important are primers?

Not applying a primer is like using a bra over your shirt. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s necessary as they contain silicones which leave the skin feeling silky smooth line free canvas for makeup application.

11. How do I cover up dark circles?

This is simple. You start with a primer around your eyes. Being brown skinned I use an orange concealer but a small amount and dap it using a damp beauty blender. Apply setting powder thereafter, I apply my foundation which is a norm and lastly I add a skin colour concealer on the dark area and dap with a damp beauty blender.

12. Which foundation works best? Foundation creates an illusion of a flawless complexion. Start by determining what type of coverage you want such as sheer, medium or full. Next decide on the finish such as matte or dewy. Esteé Lauder is perfect but for a less expensive option opt for  L.A Girl.

Every two months I will do an update for #Askbeautyquestions.

Until next time.



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