Fashpiration 101

by Trishani Pillay, Apr 28, 2017


Todays feature is one of my favourite bloggers, the beautiful Fashspiration 101. I’ve been following her for a few months now, her sense of style is unique as she pulls off chic effortlessly.

This ambitious young lady who studied Psychology and Public Relations, which is what she’s currently doing. She is also involved in a few brand ambassador projects and she is a self taught makeup artist.

Enough from me. Excited to hear from the lady herself? Check her interview out:


Tell us about yourself ?

I’m Yodha Ramin, also known as Fashspiration 101. I am a proud author of the fashion and beauty blog Fashionspiration 101. At the age of 12, I carried around a makeup bag with 90% of stolen items from my mom and from the age of 13 I immersed my life with fashion magazines that kept me up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Who is your motivator in life?

My mom. she has instilled in me that being fashionable and beautiful is avital part of a women’s life, that can to lead to many great things, she taught me that when you look beautiful, you feel beautiful, when you feel beautiful you become confident and there’s nothing that can stand in the way of a confident women.

How did you get into blogging?

I actually didn’t know that wanted to be a blogger. I first started a YouTube account which was taking forever to grow and then my sister suggested I try blogging, since I love writing, fashion and beauty it was a perfect combination, but it took plenty of contemplation because, I was unsure if anyone would want to read about what I had to say, eventually I took the plunge and the response over the past 10 months has been heartwarming.

Being a fashion blogger, describe your sense of style

My style can be described as ‘effortlessly chic’, I like putting pieces that speak for themselves and pieces that will stand out. I always add bold items to my looks, it could be a handbag, jacket, or sunglasses. I definitely gravitate towards more of an edgy, sophisticated and girly items. To me style is knowing who you are, and what you want to express, style allows me to speak a million words, without having to say anything at all


what are some of your statement pieces?

My handbags, my jackets, I’m obsessed with sunglasses and definitely my shoes because, no outfit is complete without the perfect pair shoe.

Who is your fashion inspiration?

My fashion inspiration is definitely Kourtney Kardashian, she’s is the definition of  effortlessly chic, more closer to home my fashion inspiration is my granny, here style was absolutely sophisticated  back in the day and her vintage items are ones I am patiently waiting for

What is your closet like?

My closet, is like my little heaven, a heaven that I tend to over-loaded at times, just because I do have a slight shopping addiction. It’s filled with more jeans than sweats and more dresses than skirts.

As a beauty blogger what tips can you give your readers?

Always look after your skin, always use a good moisturizer, and never leave the house without SPF

What products have you tried that you were impressed with and continue to use?

One of the products and tried and have been impressed with ever since is my MAC studio fix foundation. Another product and I have been impressed with Estee lauder matt perfecting primer I’ve recently started using the primer and I must say- it’s amazing, my makeup lasts longer, and pores are less visible. Products that I have not been impressed with are firstly, Catrice primer its way too watery, Maybelline dream matte mousse foundations, the application is difficult and I find the formula grainy

Smokey eye and a bold lip or a sun kissed eye and a neutral lip?

Sun kissed eye and natural lip, I love being looking glow

Did you receive any free products that were sent to you and what were they?

Yes I did, I have received many mystique beauty products, skin republic mask, Kiki beauty products, Yardley cosmetics and nail polish and lots more


You can follow her on the following networks:

Instagram: @fashspiration101

Snapchat: @fashspiration101


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