Travel Bucket List

by Trishani Pillay.  May 06, 2017

As a 21 year old and a full time student, it’s quite difficult to be constantly travelling and especially alone. When I say travelling I don’t mean locally but abroad of course. Since my 3 year degree is almost over I would have more time to travel. (How exciting!)

This post is dedicated to places I want to travel before the age of 30. So I’ve summed up a kind of bucket list.

Mexico Who wouldn’t have guessed that this beautiful Spanish city would be one of the first places I would want to visit. Known for it’s tourist attractions such as the The Historic Center of Mexico City and it’s floating garden (my thoughts were; floating… gardens, WOW!). The art that lies within this Spanish beauty is breath taking having a rich history of artistic expression. Not forgetting the museums which are dedicated to the Mexican colonial, modern and contemporary art as well as quiet a few International pieces. Whilst doing some research on Mexico City, I came across a few slum areas and I thought to myself, Why not!


Italy-  Italy all I can say BEAUTIFUL!. How lucky am I? I got gifted a trip to Italy this coming August. And, boy am I excited. The research for this post is perfect so I know a bit more than the required knowledge of the place. Now, what’s so lovely about Italy? Wait! I’ll inform you. The only country that has the most heritage sites in the world, which is rich in art, culture and literature from different time periods. What sets this place apart from other countries is their architectural achievements, such as the construction of arches, domes. The visual art, paintings from famous artists such as Leonardo di Vinci and Paolo Uccello among many others took painting to another level.

China- I’ll be honest with my readers. I’m not a huge fan of China but the only reason I want to visit the country is due to my obsession for panda bears. Yes, you’re reading right panda bears, those fat balls of fur. A few points on China’s tourist attractions: The Great Wall of China- which about 10 000 metres long ( wow!), The Terracotta Army in Xi’an. The Forbidden City in Bejing- this name has come about as it was previously a palace where ordinary people were not allowed to enter. MY favourite the Giant Pandas in Ghengdu.

 Saudi Arabia-  Some may ask why Saudi Arabia? And, my response was why not? This one beautiful country and here are a few lovely facts. Saudi Arabia has developed its culture the Wahhabi form of Islam. The Islamic religion has always interested me from their scripture to their dressing and the entire culture itself.

UAE-  I was lucky to have traveled to a part of the UAE, which was Dubai at the age of 15.  I loved every part of it and would definately want to travel to the UAE again not because of the history behind it but for SHOPPING.

India- At the age of 15 whilst I traveled to Dubai, I visited India as well. I love India, the culture and the atmosphere behind it, of course I would, I am brown skinned. Not only for the tourist sites but also for the shopping of Indian oufits. Some of the tourist sites in India to visit are:Jim Corbett National Park, Mehrangarh Fort, Meenakshi Amman Temple, Virupaksha Temple, Harmandir Sahib, Taj Mahal.

USA- Yes, if you read above I did add Mexico to my list and although it’s apart of America, there are places that I’d like to visit in the USA apart from Mexico and they are: New York– the Empire State Building not only because it’s one of the most famous buildings in the world but also due the architectural beauty that lies in it’s structure. Lady Liberty- this masterpiece from the year 1886 is a symbolism of freedom as well as the history that lies behind it. One of the most educating and memorable site would be the 9/11 memorial. and, other places such as Times Square, Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Grand Central Terminal and lastly, Brooklyn Bridge. Los Angeles– the first place to visit here would be the Universal Studios Hollywood then, the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Sunset Boulevard. Los Vegas– unfortunately the only thing I’d like to do apart from visit the casinos would be to visit the Madame Tussauds. As well as  Orlando Disney World and Chicago.

Afghanistan- Some may find the last place to be quiet strange. Like why would I want to visit Afghanistan and not places like London and Paris but don’t get me wrong I would definitely want to visit those places but I’d prefer to visit this place first. Reasons as to why I would want to visit Afghanistan first has nothing to do with the scenic views of the place but to have an understanding and experience of what youngsters especially female go through. I tend to down grade the country I’m from but then again there are others who have worse. To see the culture, the traditions, rules and regulations within this country. I do have other reasons but sadly, I can’t post them because I don’t want to bore my readers.


So readers this is my travel bucket list, what’s yours? let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time.




7 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

      1. That is amazing! I hope you write all about it! I traveled to Amsterdam last year and it was really amazing, its a great place to visit. Lots to see and do!


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