Makeup Musts

By Trishani Pillay, Apr 20, 2017  Topic of discussion for this post is #Askbeautyquestions. Over the past few months over many of my social network accounts, I was messaged by several people both male and female, who had asked for answers, tips and techniques relating to beauty. That when I decided to place all these […]

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Should I or shouldn’t I

by Trishani Pillay, 11 Apr, 2017 In the year 2015 I started my degree, however, it wasn’t the degree I wanted to study and it was a Bachelor of Commerce Marketing degree. Surprisingly it eventually grew on me and I’ll admit that I’m glad I chose this particular career path as it turns out to […]

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A Giveaway !!!

by Trishani Pillay, 17 March 2017 This is rather a late post as my giveaway already started weeks back but I thought rather late than never. anyway, let’s get right to it. Since many of my readers who know me personally will know that I take my work quite serious and I a lot of […]

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Beauty Masks

by Trishani Pillay , 17  March 2017 I wanted to start a series where I share my review on different facial masks with my readers. Today, we will be talking about the recent obsession, charcoal masks. And, I am completely obsessed with facial beauty products. The product of the day is the Himalayan Charcoal Mask […]

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