Glam it up with Glam Glow

by Trishani Pillay, Apr 17, 2017 Hello my loves, Many of you would have seen the famous Californian beauty products called Glam Glow used by some of the best bloggers such as Farah Dhukai (@farahdhukai) and Kaushal (@kaushalbeauty). Never would I have thought I would be able to find it in South Africa and to […]

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Daily drops of perfection

By Trishani Pillay, April 17, 2017 Hello my lovely readers, topic of discussion, anti-imperfectipn daily solution from The Body Shop (@thebodyshop). The anti-imperfection daily solution is made/with porifying tea tree oil from the foothills of Mount Kenya. The aim of this solution is to fight off breakouts. This ingredient is used for its purifying properties. […]

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Should I or shouldn’t I

by Trishani Pillay, 11 Apr, 2017 In the year 2015 I started my degree, however, it wasn’t the degree I wanted to study and it was a Bachelor of Commerce Marketing degree. Surprisingly it eventually grew on me and I’ll admit that I’m glad I chose this particular career path as it turns out to […]

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Bringing Floral Back

By Trishani Pillay, 09 Apr, 2017 Today, let’s talk fashion! I’m sure many of you might have seen the craze that has been going around about floral prints. Beautiful as these prints are many of you may think that you have to have a special event to wear this bomber too or be a style […]

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A Giveaway !!!

by Trishani Pillay, 17 March 2017 This is rather a late post as my giveaway already started weeks back but I thought rather late than never. anyway, let’s get right to it. Since many of my readers who know me personally will know that I take my work quite serious and I a lot of […]

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Beauty Masks

by Trishani Pillay , 17  March 2017 I wanted to start a series where I share my review on different facial masks with my readers. Today, we will be talking about the recent obsession, charcoal masks. And, I am completely obsessed with facial beauty products. The product of the day is the Himalayan Charcoal Mask […]

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